The Story of Goo“The Story of Goo” is a short story about a puppy that is adopted by a family with a little girl. The family is seeking to have a play mate for the girl. Goo has a problem which is his body weight. The family seeks an activity for the dog to help him with his problem. Soon the dog learns to love and becomes passionate about this new activity.

This book was a 3 generation effort. Rosalind Menter (sister to Marc’s Mother) wrote the story for her 2 young daughters back in the late 1960’s. One of Roz’s dreams was to be a writer, but since she was a home maker, she never did get around to actualizing this dream. So Marc had it in his heart that he wanted to help her accomplish this dream. So he secured the loose manuscript from the story of goo.

Then Kuki, Kali, Zivena and Kimiko drew the pictures to go along with the story. Silvia helped to guide the kids on what pictures were needed and creating the visualization necessary for each idea. Then Marc took the raw drawings and master graphic edited them to get the final look.

The publishing company we formed, i Mater Life, was used to publish this book as a surprise for Marc’s Aunt Roz. Marc’s mother ordered a few copies of the book and wrapped one up for Aunt Roz. Then we set up a Skype session, where we had a great chat with them and the kids. Near the end, Marc mentioned we had a special gift for her. You could imagine her emotions as she saw her idea come to life and that she was now a published author.

We hope you have a chance to buy “The Story of Goo” so your family can enjoy the incredible funny story that is heartfelt and meaningful since it was a family project.

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